Janome Gracie Queen

Janome Gracie Queen

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The Gracie Queen is for quilters who desire stability without sacrificing the traditional beauty of a wood crafted frame. It is our largest frame yet and can be set up in three sizes. It has height adjustable legs allowing you work at your ideal level, a fourth rail to keep your batting off the floor, and even a flip up rail so you can easily examine and adjust the batting under your top quilt layer.


  • Adjust your frame from crib (64”), to queen (100”).
  • The 3 sturdy aluminum rails and precision ratchets make it easy to handle your fabric and tension without basting!
  • Flip up the bottom rail to quickly see and adjust your batting and backing layers.
  • Height adjustable legs are standard on both the Gracie Queen and the Gracie King, letting you work at the level that is most comfortable to you.
  • No matter what floor your frame is on, these feet are an easy way to make sure it's level and balanced.
  • The Fabri-Fast™ slots and tubing make attaching your fabric easy, without the use of tacks, ties, or tape!
  • Beautful wood construction
  • Includes Grace Speed Control
  • Movable bottom rail for quick access to your batting
  • Set of four bungee clamps included
  • Grace Quilt CAD Software Program for Quilting Template Patterns Included!

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